Abdominal ultrasound

US examination is a non invasive and stress free procedure really helpful for emergency or chronic diseases.

Annual check-up and vaccines

The annual check up is the occasion to give the vaccine booster shots but more importantly to do a full check of your pet : weight, skin and fur, cardiac auscultation, etc.

Food advice

Because nutrition is a serious matter, I'll help you choose the best food adapted to your pet needs and medical condition.

Preventive treatments

Worms and flees can be really a nuisance not only for your pet but for you too, that's why prevention is key ! Every month, every season or every year, it depends on your pet lifestyle.

Dental care

Teeth cleaning, extractions or dental care for your pet comfort and dental health.


Castration, neutering, skin surgery or biopsy. I'm there to do the first line surgeries or refer you to other vets if a bigger surgery is needed.

Dog ID and Cat ID

The chipping is a not painful and can be done in consultation or during the neutering surgery. In Belgium, all pets older than 7 weeks need to be chipped and registered online.

Blood and urine tests

For a simple screening or a disease investigation, blood analysis is a first line examination. The blood sample is done at the practice with you and sent to an external lab. Usually receiving the results on the same day.

Behavior counseling

For the first kitten or puppy visit, I take the time to give you a lot of education tips and answer all of your questions. I can also give you some advice about behavioral issues and discuss with you all the solutions that can be offered.